Skin Tags

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are a common occurrence, with more than half of all people in Los Angeles and around the world affected by at least one at some point during their lives. They’re more common in adults, although toddlers are also prone to getting them too. Obesity can be a factor in the development of skin tags, but it can happen to anyone, regardless of age, weight, or sex. Skin tags are almost always harmless, but there are valid reasons for people to talk to a New York dermatologist about removing skin tags. The reasons can be as simple as cosmetic or as serious as a life threating condition.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small flaps of loose skin. They often have the shape and structure of tiny, very under-inflated balloons. When you first notice a skin tag, it might look like nothing more than a pinhead-sized lump on the surface of your skin. While they typically don’t grow any larger than the size of a pencil eraser, some can get to be larger than a grape.

Skin tags aren’t pimples, moles, or accessory tagus, which are congenital abnormalities that you’re born with.

Skin tags can occur anywhere on your body, but they’re most common:

    • At the base of your neck
    • In and around your armpits
    • In the folds of your buttocks and groin
    • On your eyelids
    • Under your breasts

Reasons for Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags often occur in places where your skin rubs against your clothing. This continued rubbing can cause irritation and discomfort at the site of the skin tag. There’s also the matter of aesthetic appearance. It’s natural to be uncomfortable with the appearance of something new on your skin, and this is especially true if the skin tag is in a conspicuous location, such as on your face.

Occasionally, skin tags on your eyelids can impede vision and must be removed. Very rarely, skin tags can be pre-cancerous or cancerous. If you have a skin tag that starts to bleed or is different colors — such as red, brown, pink, or black — make an appointment with us immediately.

Skin Tag Removal Procedures

Medspa Deluxe LA  uses cauterization methods to remove your skin tags. It’s best not to try to remove skin tags by yourself because of the risk of infection. Fortunately, having skin tags removed at Medspa Deluxe LA is a relatively quick and easy process, with few side effects or risks. The procedures include:

As with any surgical procedure, it’s essential to keep the incision area clean and dry afterward to reduce the risk of infection. We will give you detailed post-op instructions and tell you how to care for the incision site. You’ll likely experience some pain after, but this is often manageable with over-the-counter pain medication.