You want to look your very best, but it seems like every cosmetic option to keep the signs of aging at bay either involves surgery or a synthetic injectable. So what if you want to take a more natural and non-invasive approach to a youthful appearance? Now you can! By tapping into the power of your body’s own healing factors, platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) can give you back youth without the dangers of those other age-defying methods. Revitalize yourself naturally with PRFM treatments today. 

What Exactly is PRFM?

PRFM has to do with your blood. While you may have heard of the rejuvenating effects platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has with Vampire Facelift® and other applications, PRFM takes things even further. Naturally contained within your blood are platelets, which play an important role in your body’s healing process. These platelets contain crucial growth elements that have been shown to stimulate tissue generation and repair. When the blood is purified to its highest levels using the PRFM process, the platelets become highly concentrated, providing the greatest healing benefits possible.


Because of the higher concentration of those valuable platelets, PRFM is more effective and powerful than traditional PRP. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix is also more stable than its more basic counterpart, which enables it to last longer—PRP is usually only productive for about a day, whereas PRFM works to encourage healing for up to a week. This sustained production of new cells and renewed blood flow delivers unmatched results that can give you the natural results you’ve been looking for.

The Versatility of PRFM

The amazing thing about PRFM is the variety of conditions that it can treat effectively and safely. It’s a non-surgical alternative to hair restoration, naturally stimulating stem-cell development and extending the growth cycle. It can also rejuvenate the skin by restoring volume and radiance, while softening wrinkles and fine lines caused by the aging process.

Are There Any Side Effects with PRFM?

Since PRFM is derived from your own blood cells, there’s no risk of an allergic reaction. That means there’s no need for a testing or a trial period.

What the Science Says About PRFM

Not only do we see the benefits that treatments with PRFM offer to our clients, but there is solid scientific evidence to back them up. In one study, researchers were able to determine the effectiveness and viability of the concentrated platelets in the fibrin matrix. The PRFM increased endothelial cell generation in wounds and improved the development of new blood vessels in ischemic injuries, which shows the potential healing power of the platelet-rich fibrin matrix. Their study also confirmed the slow and steady release of growth factors from PRFM.